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Nisha Sood

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Nisha had been a yoga practitioner for several years when she obtained her 300 hours Teaching Certification in Chandigarh. She subsequently passed a 100 hours specialization in Yin Yoga. She now has 10+ year of active teaching experience. If she could define yoga in one word, it would be “BLISS”. She seeks to feel and share the blissful state of feeling whole in one’s body, that makes us admire the beauty and silence of the world. An enthusiastic advocate for yoga, she believes that everyone should try yoga at least once, that yoga has something to give to everyone, be it movement, stillness, vigorous workout, silent meditation, better breathing, better alignment or clarity of mind. Adapting her class to the needs of her students, her style flows between Asana, meditation, with a special importance given to relaxation and pranayama. Because Nisha believes yoga is for everyone, her class can serve different purposes : a light exploration of flexibility and physical strength, meditative or progressive relaxation, improvement of breathing patterns, release of tension in the upper body, postural exercises, etc. The words she lives by : «Step on the mat, the magic will happen».

Who are we?

Know ananda yoga healing

Ananda yoga healing is a proprietary firm established by its proprietor Mrs. Nisha sood in 2011. The proprietor, herself is the yoga instructor/tutor and has done her yoga teacher’s training course in Chandigarh.

The main advantage of this yoga class is that the yoga instructor being the owner pays special attention to all its clients. Utmost care is taken about the smallest requirements of the clients. Yoga classes are conducted in small groups of up to 7-8 ladies in batches of 1 (one) duration. There are a lot of products available to her. As a result of this, the clients get variation in their daily exercises & it does not get monotonous with one & the same exercises daily.

Further, Nisha Sood is very good and polite by nature & very good at coordinating with all the clients. Clients enjoy doing yoga in a lively & socially friendly environment in the class. Some clients say it’s ‘Yoga with fun out here.’ The owner has a specialty in all products like Asanas, stretches, power yoga, wall- exercise, and ball exercise. Prayanamas & meditation are the essences of Namaste yoga classes. All these products in variation keep the client fit & fine, relaxed & rejuvenated throughout the day.

Advantage of yoga

What client experienced?

Weight loss

Weight loss & body toning in just 5-6 classes


Control in diabetes, blood pressure, asthma problem, etc.

Reduced pain

Reduction in knee pain, lower back pain, sciatica problem.

Bone problems

Relief in Arthritis & other bone related problems.

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